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FALL 2024 League Information

 Players must have turned 3 on or before September 1, 2024. 

For participants in Kindergarten - High School, please register in the grade your child is

currently enrolled (2024 - 2025 school year)

*Important season dates (all dates tentative)

               Registration ... July 1 – August 7
               Coaches notified & Background Checks Completed --- August 14
               Coach’s meeting/Drafts …….

                              3 years old -------- August 18 (Grantham Poole 4:00pm)
                              4 years old -------- August 18 (Grantham Poole 4:45pm)
                              Kindergarten ------ August 18 (Grantham Poole 5:30pm)

                             1 Grade ----- August 19 (Madison Parks & Recreation – 5:30pm)
                             2 Grade ---- August 19  (Madison Parks & Recreation – 5:30pm
                             3 Grade Kid Pitch ---- August 19  (Madison Parks & Recreation – 6:30pm)
                             3 Grade Pitching Machine --- August 19  (Madison Parks & Recreation – 6:30pm)

                              4 Grade ----- August 20 (Madison Parks & Recreation – 5:30pm)
                              5  & 6 Grade -----August 20 (Madison Parks & Recreation – 5:30pm)
                              7 & 8 Grade ----August 20 (Madison Parks & Recreation – 6:30pm)
                              High School -------August 20 (Madison Parks & Recreation – 6:30pm)

          Practice begins…. No earlier than August 22
          Games begin…. week of September 15
         Season ends…. Week of October 27   - unless make up games needed the week of November 3

*What are the fees to participate in MRYouth Baseball – Fall 2024
               $90/participant plus any credit card or service fees charged by Sports Connect

*Our family does not live in Madison County, can my child participant in your league?
               Yes, however there is a $25 non-Madison County resident fee

*Where are the games and practices held?
             All games & practices are held around Madison County.  The league will provide specific locations for teams to use - however, should a coach have                         property available that they wish to use the team will be covered under the league’s insurance

*What days/times are practices/games?
             The league will use Monday, Tuesday, Thursday – nothing prior to 5:30pm.   We will also use Sunday afternoons – nothing prior to 12:30pm.   We try to
             avoid Wednesday, Friday and Saturday – however, we do not guarantee that your child will not have games on one of these days.  Scheduling depends
             on the number of participants.  We do not know until registration ends what day/time any particular division will play.

*How many games will my child play?
             All ages/grades will play a 6-game season.  The first cancelation due to weather will be rescheduled. Additional cancellations will NOT be made up due 
             to shortened season.

*Where do teams practice/ games?
             3 years old – Liberty Park 
             4 years old – Liberty Park
             Kindergarten – Hite Wolcott/Freedom Ridge
             1st grade - Hite Wolcott
             2nd grade - Hite Wolcott
     3rd grade (Kid Pitch) - Liberty Park
     3rd grade (Machine Pitch) - Hite Wolcott
             4th grade - Liberty Park
             5th/6th grade - Liberty Park
             7th/8th grade - Freedom Ridge
             High School - Liberty Park            

*Can I request a specific coach or teammate for my child?
             Unfortunately, we league will not honor for any special request, with the exception of the Head coach & assistant coach (es).  All ages are able to have
             a head and 2 assistant coaches paired together

*How are teams formed?
Ages 3 – 2nd grade will be formed via a coach’s pick blind draw
Grades 3rd – High School will be formed via a draft

*Are the league rules available?
             Yes, please visit our website - (click on rules/forms) 

*What “type” of baseball will my child’s league play?
            Age 3 ---- TBall
            Age 4 ---- combination TBall & Baseball
                             Players will be given 3 opportunities to hit a coach pitch ball, if ball is not hit, ball placed on a tee
            Kindergarten --- 2 games (same as 4 year old) 6 games (coach pitch)
            1st Grade ---- Coach             2nd Grade ---- Coach Pitch
            3rd Grade ---- Player Pitch or Machine Pitch (parent have the choice as to which league they would like their child to participate)
            4th Grade – High School ---- Player pitch

*What equipment will my child need?
            The registration fee will cover:   
                           The registration fee will cover:  jersey & hat
 You will need to provide your child with a pair of grey baseball pants, cleats/tennis shoes, glove, bat & batting helmet. 

*Can I try a uniform on my child prior to the end of registration? 
               Yes, you are welcome to go by JS Iupes (100 Village Blvd Madison --- across from Natchez Trace Cemetery)  If you need to change from the size that
               you ordered during registration – you will need to email 
[email protected] prior to the end of registration. 

*I received my child's uniform and it is not the correct size?
               Should your child's uniform not be the proper size, please contact [email protected]
            If it is determined you received the size you indicated on the registration form, and you should wish to receive a different size; you will be responsible
               for the cost.  However, if MRYouth Baseball ordered
 the incorrect size, we will re-order the correct size at no expense to you.

*Does the league provide any type of awards?
             Fall baseball does not provide any type of award.   

*How can I have a specific question answered?  
            Please email our administrative assistant, Peggi Rafferty ---- [email protected]
            or in case of an emergency please call Peggi @ 601-331-1575

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